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"Snark" has been in English language dictionaries since at least 1906, and Lewis Carroll used the word to describe a mythological animal in his poem, The Hunting of the Snark (1874). Most recently, the word has come to characterize snappish, sarcastic, or mean-spirited comments or actions directed at those who annoy or irritate us.

At first, this blog was just going be a place to gripe, but because it's more satisfying to take action than it is to merely complain, now most of the posts/reposts suggest ways to get involved in solving problems.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take a Stand for Public Education

A Message from AAUW:

Take a Stand for Public Education

Just weeks into the 112th Congress, conservative lawmakers are already working to weaken public education by diverting public funds from public education and into private and religious schools. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) has introduced a bill which would reauthorize and expand the failed D.C. school vouchers program with Congress had agreed to end last year. AAUW stands firmly by the belief that the country should provide an excellent education for all children, not private school vouchers for a few.
The D.C. school voucher scheme, despite seven years and millions of taxpayers’ dollars, has not been adequately shown to improve academic achievement. The program also pours federal funds into private and religious schools that are exempt from civil rights laws including Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in education. These private and religious schools are not held accountable to local government and are not required to comply with federal educational standards.
Voucher schemes divert public money away from public schools, undermining the American promise of a quality education for every student. At a time when public schools face budget shortages, overcrowded classrooms, and increased accountability, taxpayer dollars should be spent to fuel the improvement of schools that educate 90 percent of America’s students.
Take Action!
Urge your Senator to oppose and not cosponsor S. 206, the bill that would extend and expand the problematic, unsuccessful DC school voucher program. To send a message, simply click on the "Take Action" link in the upper right corner. Then follow the instructions to compose and send your message.
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