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Thursday, June 7, 2012

NDAA Lawsuit Update

More great news on the NDAA lawsuit:
Federal Judge Kathryn Forrest just rejected the Obama administration's request that she reverse her ruling against indefinite detention.
Please send emails to Obama and the Senate right away to urge them to put and end to indefinite detention -- just click here.

In May Chris Hedges, RevolutionTruth, et al won their lawsuit asserting that indefinite detention violates the Constitution. 
Obama asked for a reversal of that decision, which was just rejected.
More than 50,000 Demand Progress members have signed on as supporters of the lawsuit.
Now Obama needs to decide if he'll take his crusade against the Constitution to a higher court. 
And the full Senate is taking up indefinite detention as it debates this year's NDAA later this month.
Please help fight indefinite detention by sending emails to Obama and the Senate right away -- just click here.

Obama signed last year's National Defense Authorization Act even though it included provisions which could let the military detain civilians indefinitely without a trial or charges.

Despite a valiant effort by opponents, the House retained indefinite detention when it passed the new NDAA last month. 
The Senate will take this issue up soon, and President Obama can drop his defense of it in court.

Please send emails to Obama and the Senate right away, by clicking here.
Keep up the fight.
-Demand Progress
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