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"Snark" has been in English language dictionaries since at least 1906, and Lewis Carroll used the word to describe a mythological animal in his poem, The Hunting of the Snark (1874). Most recently, the word has come to characterize snappish, sarcastic, or mean-spirited comments or actions directed at those who annoy or irritate us.

At first, this blog was just going be a place to gripe, but because it's more satisfying to take action than it is to merely complain, now most of the posts/reposts suggest ways to get involved in solving problems.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Join Feminists for Obama

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The 2012 Presidential election will cast the die on whether our nation will go forward for women's rights and opportunity or whether we will reverse or even erase the gains of the past nearly 50 years. Nothing less is at stake. Feminists cannot afford to be on the sidelines.
That is why I am inviting you to join Feminists for Obama. Too many feminists are not activated yet for this election. We must change that -- this election is too closeand we have too much at stake. We can make a difference. We must make the gender gap a gender gulf.
The Obama-Biden Administration is advancing women's rights on many fronts -- the record of achievements is long. That's why Feminist Majority has launched a new website, Check it out! And we have released a 4-page timeline of the administration's major achievements for women, children, civil and human rights, as well as comparisons of Obama and Romney records and positions on key issues. The comparison is stark.
President Obama is increasing access to birth control -- more than any president in history. Romney wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, and Title IX Family Planning Funding. Obama has appointed two pro-choice women to the Supreme Court, including the first Latina, and has made the most diverse nominations (46% women and 36% people of color) to the federal bench. Romney has appointed extreme right-wing Judge Robert Bork to head the committee to advise him on judicial appointments. Bork believes that equal protection under the law does not apply to women, would allow states to outlaw birth control, and believes a corporation has the right to tell women employees that they must be sterilized or be fired.
Nothing is safe. Obama-Biden are fighting for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization in 2012 -- Romney is silent on this issue. And the Republican House has passed a fake VAWA that would roll back protections for women survivors and aid abusers. The Republican House has approved the Ryan Budget that virtually ends Medicare and Medicaid and stops family planning funding. Romney praises the Ryan budget.
For equality,
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Eleanor Smeal
Feminist Majority

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