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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tar Sands Pipeline

Take Action!
A message from CREDO Action:
Over the weekend, more than 100 people were arrested in front of the White House for protesting against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Another group is planning to get arrested at about 11am today, followed by similar groups every day until September 3rd.1
President Obama will be deciding soon whether or not he will approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would speed the consumption of environmentally devastating Canadian tar sands oil.
It is President Obama's decision alone to grant or deny the permit required for construction. This is a make or break issue for his environmental record, and the President needs to know we're paying attention.
The Canadian tar sands are a carbon bomb. The 3rd largest oil field in the world, the difficult extraction and transportation of the tar sands oil ultimately produces up to three times the carbon emissions of traditional oil. (And extreme environmental devastation along the way.)1
The Keystone XL pipeline is the fuse to this bomb — a highway to swift consumption of this dirty, dangerous crude. As if that wasn't enough, it poses a massive spill risk in the six states along the pipeline route, including over the Ogallala Aquifer which provides up to 30% of our nation's agricultural water.
The administration's previous decisions on climate do not inspire confidence that they will deny the permit. Recently, the administration approved offshore oil drilling in the Arctic. They have opened vast new areas to coal mining, and late last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even said that she was "inclined" to approve Keystone XL.
But President Obama still has the final word. He does not have to negotiate with Congress or industry. As his State Department reviews the permit, the decision — which could have a devastating impact on the livability of our nation, and our world — is entirely in his hands.
We've lost too many climate fights already. We need a massive, historic show of pressure to make sure we don't lose this one. Please make a call today.
Thank you for fighting for an oil-free future.
Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
P.S. Can you see yourself in this picture? That's the group of activists who were arrested on Saturday. There's still time to join this wave of civil disobedience which is happening at the White House every day through September 3. Click here for more info and to sign up

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