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Monday, April 16, 2012

Scott Walker's War on Women

A message from PFAW: 

With his recall election looming, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has -- astonishingly -- dropped any façade of reasonableness or moderation. Over the last few days, in the height of arrogance, he has signed into law or argued for extreme attacks on women, gays and even science.
Walker stepped up the GOP War on Women in his home state on Thursday by signing into law:
  • REPEAL of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay law!
  • A BAN on abortion coverage by private health insurers taking part in the upcoming Affordable Care Act health exchange!
  • A bill requiring women seeking abortions to undergo a one-on-one exam with a doctor to determine whether someone is pressuring the woman into the procedure -- doctors not correctly following the law could be charged with a felony.
Just to serve up another wish list item for the Religious Right, he also signed a bill requiring sex education classes to focus on abstinence and declaring that sex education teachers do not have to address contraception (a dramatic shift from the previous law which required contraception be discussed).
Now, perhaps most egregiously cruel and mean spirited, Walker is pushing to rip away hospital visitation rights from same-sex couples!
Governor Walker and his allies in the Wisconsin Republican Party are clearly some of the most extreme, rabidly right-wing lawmakers in the country. They’ve waged an all-out assault on workers’ rights, voting rights and education. Now they have Wisconsin’s women and LGBT citizens in their crosshairs. No one is safe under Walker’s watch … except the Religious Right leaders and powerful corporate special interests he serves.
That’s why we’re going to work tirelessly to RECALL Walker and his accomplices this June.
I’m here in Wisconsin right now with other members of our Wisconsin Recall team, including Scott Foval, our brand new on-the-ground organizer based in Madison. We’re heading to the Government Accountability Board today, where they are certifying the candidate filings for the recall elections of the governor, the lieutenant governor and four Republican state senators.
Wisconsin is the test battle for November -- we need to take the wind out of the Far Right’s sails to gain the advantage nationally. Our work starts now. And I need your help.
I’ll put your contribution to work immediately to build a winning campaign.
Thank you for your vital support. Together, we’ll take home a victory in Wisconsin and capture the momentum needed to win big in November.
Randy, Scott, Sergio and the rest of PFAW’s Wisconsin Recall team
P.S. First he went after workers by stripping their rights ... then he attacked the rest of the middle class and poor Wisconsinites with his budget ... now he’s going after women and gays! Whose rights will Walker try to decimate next? We need to stop him -- help us Recall the Right with a critical donation now.

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