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"Snark" has been in English language dictionaries since at least 1906, and Lewis Carroll used the word to describe a mythological animal in his poem, The Hunting of the Snark (1874). Most recently, the word has come to characterize snappish, sarcastic, or mean-spirited comments or actions directed at those who annoy or irritate us.

At first, this blog was just going be a place to gripe, but because it's more satisfying to take action than it is to merely complain, now most of the posts/reposts suggest ways to get involved in solving problems.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can't Stop the 99% Movement

A message from Democracy for America:

They can take away the tarps and the tents. They can arrest peaceful protesters and shut down the occupations. But they can't stop Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement.

In recent days, cities and politicians acting on behalf of the 1% have shut down or raided occupations in Oakland, CA to Burlington, VT, from Portland, OR to Chapel Hill, NC. And, of course, they raided New York's Zuccotti Park -- the place this movement started -- in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping.

But just as no one person or organization leads the movement, no one mayor -- or even 100 mayors -- can stop it. The future of the movement is in the hands of the 99%, not the hands of those who stand against us.

So what's next? As the movement continues beyond sustaining 24-hour encampments and into other avenues of direct action, we're looking for your ideas on how to keep taking it to the next level.

Please take a minute to vote on some possible actions we're considering -- and provide your own ideas right now.

We'll share your ideas with our friends organizing and shaping future actions with Occupy Wall Street participants on the ground. And, of course, your feedback will guide Democracy for America's campaign supporting the 99% movement as we keep moving America forward.

Make no mistake about it. The 99% movement has already created a seismic shift in our national debate -- from austerity and cuts -- to jobs, inequality and our broken economic system.

The increasing attempts to shut it down prove that it's working. The message has broken through and the 1% are afraid of what we may accomplish. Let's make sure we do our part to keep the pressure up.

Please vote and voice your thoughts now.

Thank you for everything you do to stand up for the 99%.

- Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

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