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Thursday, November 17, 2011

If Just One Democrat Caves

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All it takes is one Democrat on the supercommittee caving and Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security could be gutted, and there is a very real chance of that happening right now.

If one Democrat out of six total on the supercommittee goes along with the Republican's plan for massive cuts to crucial programs, it passes. Then their proposal gets fast-tracked through Congress, without amendments, filibusters, or other good ways to stop it. That's why we have no choice; we have to pull out all the stops over the next six days to stop a bad deal and protect the 99%. 

We are directly lobbying the Democrats on the supercommittee to make sure they don't strike a bad deal. MoveOn leaders in Massachusetts are going right after Sen. Kerry, who amazingly may be the Democrat most likely to cave.1 The phones are ringing off the hook in all of the committee members' offices. And we are keeping the pressure on the ground in all of the supercommittee members' states and district with our "We are the 99%" events today. 

But we also want to launch polls in battleground states to prove how deeply unpopular the Republicans' proposal is. And we already have a TV ad in the can, ready to go.

The reality is that we can't do all we can with the ad and the polling unless we can raise $200,000 by Friday. Can you chip in $5 right now to help us reach our goal? 

It's not just potential cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that have us concerned. Things have gotten much worse over the last week.

The New York Times reported this week that members of the congressional supercommittee are looking for ways to agree to deep cuts to social programs now but defer any decisions about how to raise taxes until next year.2

That's a recipe for total disaster. Congress already slashed programs that the middle class relies on by almost $1 trillion this past summer.3 What's needed now is for the rich and corporations to pay their fair share—not for the 99% to suffer more so the 1% can keep their tax cuts.

The only way that we can stop a bad deal from happening is with a massive push to pressure the six Democrats on the supercommittee not to cave. Everything we have planned—calls, events, lobbying, TV ads, and polls—costs money and we make it happen it without your help. We need to raise $200,000 by Friday to pull it off.

Can you chip in $5 right now?
Thanks for all you do. 
–Daniel, Amy, Julia, Elena, and the rest of the team
1. "Debt panel gives Kerry chance to shine," The Hill, August 11, 2011
2. "Deficit Panel Seeks to Defer Details on Raising Taxes," The New York Times, November 13, 2011
3. "Budget Control Act of 2011," Wikipedia, accessed November 14, 2011
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