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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Video: Romney Hypocrisy

From Democracy for America:
Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan for one reason -- Romney is losing.

Democrats and grassroot activists across the country forced Romney to discuss the most controversial elements of his campaign -- his time at Bain Capital and his failure to release his tax returns. All of this has caused Romney's poll numbers to plummet.

Romney hopes Paul Ryan can refocus the campaign back to attacking President Obama and pleasing the Tea-Party base of the Republican Party. Instead, his Vice Presidential pick revealed more of Romney's hypocrisy. While Romney has refused to disclose his own tax returns to the public, he happily submitted 23 years of taxes to John McCain. This year, he demanded all of his potential Vice Presidential picks provide him with years of returns. How does he think he can get away with this hypocrisy?

As Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out last night, the Romney/Ryan ticket will do everything in their power to avoid talking to the press about taxes. That's why we need the presidential moderators to ask the tough questions during the upcoming debates.

Click here to watch Lawrence O'Donnell expose Romney/Ryan's hypocrisy on tax returns.

Romney has admitted that his tax returns contain politically damaging information -- information which, if released to the public, could decide this election.

The presidential debate moderators have the power to hold Romney accountable to the truth. Plus, we know they are looking for questions, ideas, and feedback from the public.

This year, the debate commission listened to a petition from thousands of Americans and selected the first female moderator in 20 years to run a debate. Now we have the opportunity to make sure the moderators don't give Romney an easy pass and get away with his double standard.

Call on the presidential debate moderators to ask Mitt Romney what he's hiding.

With your help, we can maintain the pressure and hold Romney accountable.

--Jay Henderson, Political Campaign Manager
Democracy for America

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